Top 3 Best tools to find Backlinks easily

The three best backlinks to check your competitor backlinks. This tools can find from where your competeior bought backlinks & also helps you to buy High da backlinks easily with less investment.


SEMRUSH is undoubtedly one of the most loved SEO tools previously known for being a popular keyword analysing tool but it has got a new backlink checking feature making it more flexible. The new feature has made it more versatile and with the paid version of this tool you can get into more in depth analysis of your competitor site.

This can be received with a payment of $69.95 a month however if you want to just stick with the free version of the tool just visit the website and type the domain name and make a search and follow the options that are availabl.

2.Backlink Checker

This is one of the free backlink checking website which you can get online. Backlink checker is really an efficient tool for SEO analyst which will not just give you the number of backlinks that are used by a website but it will let you find out the quality backlinks from among them.

With the Backlink Checker you will be able to find the number of backlinks and then export them in MS Excel sheet. This will help you analyse which one of them will be beneficial for you.


Just like the one mentioned above the OpenLinkChecker is probably one of the newest backlink checking tools which comes for free. This tool provides you an in-depth analysis of the latest live backlinks.

This will provide you active backlinks of any website which have been confirmed within the last 90 days.

If you want to buy backlinks then check links managamenet

You can even export around 200,000 backlinks from each domain and analyse them and get all the reports. OpenLinkProfiler is one of the best backlink checking website available that you can rely upon.

These are some of the most well known and powerful backlink checking tools which you can make use of to find out what your competitors are hiding. Just to remind you once again it is not just finding out the number of backlinks that will help you being successful in your goal but it is finding the quality backlinks and making right use of them so the real job begins after you do your analysis.